Monday, August 3, 2015

Who's the Dip Now, Naty?

Well you did it!  You obeyed the signs, and I’m so proud of my readers for sending in submissions!  Because I of my recent interactions with signs on a New York City subway, in a previous post I asked readers to send in submission of themselves “obeying signs.”  Before I reveal the winners (there are two) I would like to show you a few of my own. 

DIP (as a verb)… There are so many ways I could have gone with this.  Dipping carrots in ranch seems to be the most obvious choice. a VERB

And because grammar matters, DIP (as a noun)… In this case, I am the dip. a NOUN

SLOW CHILDREN… Call me an awful parent, but I couldn’t help but take a picture of my kids in front of this sign.  In my defense, this photo was my husband’s idea. 

My lovely children were very excited to take this photo...
They got the joke.

SLOOOOOW CHILDREN… I took this one of my nephew.  In spite of his belief that he is the fastest cyclist on 2… I mean 4…wheels, he’s very slow. 

Don’t worry! He can’t read yet, so he won’t know I made fun of him.

PLEASE!  NO PETS IN THE BUILDING...My son has the softest hair in the world.  It’s like a pillow pet.  If you’ve never touched a pillow pet you need to go to the store right now and try it.  [Please, please video this experience and send it to me (  I’ll put it up on the blog.] I think everyone should have a pillow pet or an equivalently soft stuffed animal in their possession. It’s amazingly therapeutic to pet a pillow pet. Once again grammar matters, and contrary to popular belief, I think the creators of pillow pet were thinking verb, not noun. 

Thank goodness this didn’t happen in the building!

Now to reveal the big winners!


Apparently, there are traffic signs in New York City that say “No Standing.”  Confusingly, these signs actually apply to cars (which cannot stand) rather than to humans (which naturally stand).  I think the equivalent sign in Minnesota would be “No Stopping.”  Apparently, these signs are placed near bus stops so the superfluous amounts of taxis don’t park or wait where buses need to pull over to pick up passengers. 

In this winning “Obey the Sign” photo, you will see that the sign had been knocked over and now lays on the curb.  Rachel L. decided to do exactly what the sign told her to do. 

No Standing

Apparently, this drew the attention of several New Yorkers who were actually concerned that something was wrong with her. One man even made multiple attempts to make sure she was safe and in her right mind.  Why would an uninjured, stable person lay down on a NYC sidewalk?  When she said did it because it was ‘ironic,’ he asked what ironic meant. She didn’t know how to answer him, so she simply walked away.  That’s life in the big city!

The burning question… Did the person who hit the sign to knock it over stand (or stop as normal people say) their car to deal with the situation, or did they quickly drive away as the sign instructs.  Dear readers, like many mysteries in this world, we will never know.  ***Deep heartfelt sigh***

Winner #2 – Multiple Submissions

Missy V. really got into the spirit of obeying the signs!  Maybe it was because I saw this in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep, but this is the submission that made me laugh the hardest. 

Tsunami Evacuation Route

Is it too soon to make Tsunami jokes?  Gosh, I hope not because this is funny stuff.  Missy, I don’t think the top of that pole would be quite high enough if an actual tsunami hit that location. 

Later in the week Missy sent me the photo below. I have a kinship with this photo.  A few years ago I knocked myself out by running into a pole…at work…while trying to make my assistant laugh at me...I subsequently missed two weeks of work due to a concussion #worthit?

Caution! Poles are dangerous!

So, congrats to Missy & Rachel!  You can expect your reward to find it’s way to you soon! 

I’m looking for fun, new dares!  Send them my way! (Terms of the dare) So what do you have for me?  Leave a comment below and I might just take you up on your dare… as long as it’s wholesome and good-natured.

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