Thursday, July 2, 2015

New York Dare (& Blogs that Poop)... I need your help!

I vividly remember what it felt like to leave my newborns with their first babysitters.  I was nervous that something would go terribly wrong.  After all, babysitters might not do exactly what I would do in a crisis situation. I had a lingering fear that a sitter could irrevocably screw up my kid in the two hours I was gone.   At the same time, my heart was flooded with excitement to get a break from my screaming, smelly bundle of joy.  Is it terrible if I finally admit that I always hoped my kids would poop while the babysitter was there so I'd have to change one less crap filled diaper that day?  In spite of these conflicting emotions, I realized that in the long run leaving my newborn would be best for everyone.  

Well, today I leave my tiny, little, baby blog in the hands of its first guest writer.  Welcome Laura! Today she is laying a Big Apple dare for me and she needs your ideas.  Please support her by leaving your comments.  Hopefully my blog will take a poop today so Laura has to change it.  Enjoy Laura's post below!

Dear Esteemed Readers of Naty’s blog,

My name is Laura, and I need your help. 

In a week, Naty and I are traveling to New York City.  This seems like the perfect place to get her to do ridiculous things in the name of a dare.   But I need some additional creativity.  

I’m daring Naty to re-enact 5 funny NYC moments from TV or movies.  Because I’m an ex-kindergarten teacher, I’m all about giving people choices so that they think they have some say in what’s happening.  I want your help in thinking of funny TV or movie moments that took place in New York so that Naty can choose which 5 she wants to do.  We only have a weekend, so let’s not make it anything too lengthy.  I still need time to ride carousels and eat cupcakes in the Big Apple. 

Here are a few I’ve thought of so far:

1.  Iconic Elf scenes: 
  • Going into a coffee shop and shouting something along the lines of “You did it!  The world’s best coffee!  Congratulations!”
  • Running around in revolving doors
  • being afraid to go up an escalator
2.  Riding the train to Roosevelt Island and shouting “Don’t worry, Spiderman will save us!”
3.  Running through Central Park like Phoebe on Friends

It is early in the morning (ok, not really that early, but I only have decaf coffee left in my house, so thinking is hard) and I can’t be bothered to think of anything other ideas.  But I’m sure that you’ve got some scenes in your head right now that would be highly entertaining to watch Naty recreate.  Leave your ideas in the comments below!  For bonus points, feel free to include a link to your scene on Youtube. 

Thanks for your help!  You are my favorite reader!


P.S. If you don’t comment with your ideas, that’s fine, but then I’m switching to daring Naty to do some landscaping for me.  This will be a pretty boring video montage to watch, but I feel like I win either way.  So really, the choice is yours!


  1. Go easily on me. Or not. I'm taking tattoo ideas now as well. #NYCweekend

  2. If you are having trouble posting from your phone, click to view the full web version. It works a heck of a lot better!

  3. I think she should carry you around stomping in rain puddles, from the movie One Fine Day!

  4. Classic: Breakfast at Tiffany's Opener, complete with formal gown. That can fit in her suitcase, right?

    1. Is this where I admit that I've never seen that movie before?

    2. I've also never seen It's a Wonderful Life, but we can talk more about that closer to Christmas.

  5. Wander atop the Empire State Building asking people if Tom Hanks has shown up for you yet

    Enter the New York Public Library with the Ghostbusters theme playing and look like your searching for something

    Get in line at Katz Deli and keep saying "I'll have what she's having," as you keep going back a person saying the same thing (then stop when someone actually orders what you want)

    Play Chopsticks and Heart and Soul on the piano at FAO Schwarz

    Go to 52nd St. and Lexington Ave in a white dress and pretend a gust of wind is going up it

    Oh have fun! I love NYC!

  6. In serendipity at the end how John Cusik is laying on the ground and she throws the glove on him!