Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A New Tattoo... and Obeying Signage

Someone dared me to get a tattoo, so…

More on the tattoo later.  First…

When I was in New York City I rode the subway a lot… I mean a lot, a lot.  I had plenty of time smell other people, lose my balance from abrupt stopping, wonder if I was on the correct train, and study the signs posted inside the trains.  My favorite signs were a series of “Subway Etiquette” drawings posted in nearly every train car. 

During one late night train ride I couldn’t help myself… I just needed to act out what the sign was showing.  My friends (who were semi-embarrassed by my behavior) reluctantly photographed my efforts.  New Yorkers rolled their eyes and actually moved away from me (despite my unsmellyness), while tourists seemed to be entertained by my efforts. 

In each photo, look above my head for the sign I’m reenacting.


As posted in the subway

My version...

My mom won’t like this unladylike pose, but a dare’s a dare… 
even if you are daring yourself.

It’s hard to see but the sign says, “Don’t be a poll hog.”

Just one more… It’s my favorite.

As it appears in the NYC subway

My Rendition – It was a nice effort with very poor execution.  
I almost kicked another tourist.  She laughed about it. 

Here’s a video for good measure.

Now it you’re your turn!


IYes, you.  It’s time to ‘obey’ signs.  Photograph yourself ‘obeying’ signs and email them to me ( within the next two weeks.  If you make me laugh out loud I will put your picture up on this blog and you may be awarded a (yet to be named) prize! Seriously, I will give out prizes… and you can take pride in your ability to be funny. 

Just keep in clean.  Don’t mimic signs such as this…

I totally did get another tattoo, but not on a dare. Even I have my limits. I just wanted to get you to click and see my blog post. If you enjoy what you read, you can even subscribe. I know that’s a big commitment most Americans are leery to make, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from 16 years of marriage, it’s that commitment to something amazing is worth it. #wifepoints

Here’s the new tattoo, which I got because I wanted to… not because of a dare. 

These are the names of my favorite childhood pets.

What’s next?  What dares do you have for me? 
If you are having problems leaving a comment, please click to view the full web version on your phone.  Keep trying! Leave comments below… or just chronically write on my Facebook wall or send me emails… I mean, whatever… but you could just comment on this blog…

Email your sign pictures to me ( within the next TWO WEEKS so I can put them together for a new post.  I want to see your creativity! I dare you to make me laugh out loud!


  1. Love it. I acted out many signs while in Germany many years ago. Will have to see if I can find any pics since it was before Facebook for me to be able to "post" anything and keep track of my pics.

  2. Love it. And the tatoo is super cute. I never knew you named your children after beloved pets😉 Maybe in Singapore there will be some mockable signage.

    1. if singapore signs are anything like Japanese signs, I have high hopes for you!